The logo of the Joan White Howell Environmental Education Center.  At its center is a painting of and owl by Dorthy Weddle, the mother of Gordon Weddle who was the Director of Clay Hill Memorial Forest for 22 years.


Joan White Howell Environmental Education Center: Apply for a Travel Grant

Two to three thousand school children visit Clay Hill Memorial Forest every year on class fieldtrips.  The educational success of these fieldtrips depends on teachers 1) having clear-cut goals and 2) doing solid planning and preparation.  The goal of CHMF is to provide the best possible learning environment for children and the best possible teaching environment for teachers.  To promote teaching we will assist you with planning and conducting a fieldtrip.  We also can provide age-appropriate equipment and test kits for your students to do hands-on science at the forest.

For very young children, we offer discovery walks guided by professional naturalists.  For more experienced teachers we offer advice and assistance as resource professionals.  You may want to consult our library of lesson plans for ideas.

To schedule a class fieldtrip, vist our event calendar , choose a couple of good dates from those listed as "open dates", download and return the fieldtrip form (Excel®file) or fieldtrip form (as a web page). Either form can be downloaded, printed and returned to us by mail, but the Excel® file is an interactive file that can be filled out in Excel® and sent back to us as an attachment to an email.

We cannot schedule a field trip before the receipt of this form. We must receive your application at least two weeks prior to any planned field trip and will not schedule fieldtrips without receipt of the form.


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