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The logo of the Joan White Howell Environmental Education Center.  At its center is a painting of and owl by Dorthy Weddle, the mother of Gordon Weddle who was the Director of Clay Hill Memorial Forest for 22 years.

Plants like ferns and mosses are called non-flowering plants, because they do not have flowers.   To learn more about non-flowering plants click on Simple Plants. At Clay Hill our non-flowering plants include ferns, mosses, liverworts, ground pines, and horsetails.

Most plants have flowers.  Flowering plants are known as Angiosperms. At Clay Hill we have a very diverse group of Angiosperms.  Photographs of many of these plants are available here.

Flowering plants differ from one another in the shape and color of their flowers, the shape and arrangement of their leaves and in stem and bud characters.   Scientists identify species by the unique characters that each species possesses.   Since there are more than 2,600 species of plant in Kentucky, it may seem like a very difficult task to identify them.   Here we provide you with the basic tools you need to identify many flowering plants commonly found in central Kentucky.  First you must learn the parts of plants and how these parts differ from one species to the next.

To learn about plant anatomy, folow the link to "Learn Plant Anatomy".  To learn more about plants at at other sites, follow some of the links to the left.  Our goal is to give you a tool called an key that allow you to use simple characters to identify the more common flowering plants at Clay Hill Memorial Forest.

Simple Plants
Learn Plant Anatomy
Identify Trees by Bark
Identify a Plant
Identify Trees in Winter
CHMF Plants
CHMF Plant Communities
Plant Conservation
See Photos of Plants
Plants on the Web
Endangered Species
KY Native Plant Society

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