Clay Hill Memorial Forest Equipment

q       Wetland Sampling

o       Dip nets

o       Seines

o       Substrate sampler

o       Water samplers

o       Insect sorting trays and ID guides

o       Magnifiers

o       Color camera for micro-video/with 36 video monitor

o       Identification guides

o       Water test kits for beginners and advanced students

o       Complete HACH water analysis kits



         BOD apparatus

q       Air sampling

o       Air sampling pump

o       Air sampling test kit

q       Soil Sampling

o       Simple soil test kits for elementary students

o       Complete soil analysis kit for advanced students

q       Terrestrial Sampling

o       Insects

         Aerial nets

         Sweep nets


         Reference collection

o       Larger animal studies

         Live traps for mice


         Track guides

         Listening devices

         Birdsong Identifiers

o       Forest

         Tree calipers


         Circular quadrat strings for 1, 100 and 200 square meter plots

         Portable GPS units

         Digital cameras

o       Environmental measurement

         Light measurement

        PAR meter

        UV meter



        Soil probe

        Air temp meters

         Relative Humidity

        Sling psychrometers


         Wind Speed Meters





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