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Joan White Howell Environmental Education Center

The Joan White Howell Environmental Education Center (JWHEEC) includes a modern classroom and laboratory. JWHEEC serves as your classroom at Clay Hill Memorial Forest.  The Center, which can accommodate about 25 students, is equipped with an overhead projector and screen, a marker board, a large-screen TV, computers and an LCD projector for presentations.  We also have wireless DSL internet access.  A wide variety of field and laboratory equipment is available for use by visiting teachers and their students.  The Center houses a small but growing library of environmental education books.  An attached greenhouse serves as an integral part of our Constructed Wetland Wastewater Facility.  Our "wastewater" is cycled through the wetland and greenhouse and into a 250-gallon aquarium stocked native fishes.  Adjacent to the Center, is an open pavilion with seating for 100 and an amphitheater with seating for 75. We also maintain several live animals that are used for teaching visiting students about life history.

At CHMF we have virtually every habitat imaginable for study including an old pond, springs and streams, native warm season grasses, and relatively mature forests.  You can hike on over five miles of trails some of which interpret environmental concepts such as ecological succession and habitat fragmentation.   CHMF personnel will work with you to plan a meaningful educational experience for your children.  You can have as much independence or guidance as you desire.  Let us help plan your next trip to CHMF.


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