Digital Historic Trail

Digital Historic Trail

Visitors come to CHMF for various reasons not the least of which is study its history. In the past this has been difficult because of the lack of readily available information. In Winter 2013-2014, we added interactive trail signs along the PRIDE Ecological Succession Trail. These signs link hikers with smart phones to online information including transcriptions of historic Sanders and White family documents. This new signage uses QR barcodes. So bring your smart phone to CHMF to learn about the Civil War History of the farm.

To view the same information on this trail follow the links below.

About the Pride Trail

Kentucky Utilities Alternative Energy Center

Slave Cemetery

John C. Sanders Slave who was a Union Soldier

Probate Sale of James C. Sanders including and evaluation of slaves

Gaps in the Forest

Prairie Remnant

Original Purchase of Land that was to become Clay Hill

Last Will and Testement of Henry Sanders

Sanders Tavern

Old Nashville-Louisville Turnpike

Wetland Succession

Log Cabin constructed in 1883

Old Field Succession

Water Spring

Joan White Howell Nature Preserve

Ken Weddle Learning Center for Sight-Impaired Children 

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