Outdoor Classroom Institute

The Division of Natural Sciences and Clay Hill Memorial Forest partner to conduct annual summer workshops for teachers at Clay Hill Memorial Forest. Our first workshop was in summer 2002.  More than 350 teachers have received training in hands-on environmental science encompassing a wide variety of topics in physical and biological sciences.  In 2002, we hosted 17 teachers from four counties; in 2006, we hosted 85 teachers from 17 counties.  The costs of the program have been underwritten by grants from government agencies, private foundations and companies with ties to central Kentucky. The workshops are now managed by a cooperative effort of Natural Science Faculty from Campbellsville University and Clay Hill Memorial Forest.  

     Purpose:  The OCI Program serves teachers in central Kentucky, an area with few opportunities for continuing science education.  Our goal is to enhance science teaching in this region. We attempt to do this by 1. increasing science content knowledge, 2. improving environmental awareness. 3. acquainting teachers with non-professional educators. 4. enhancing teacher awareness of and familiarity with Clay Hill Memorial Forest and the services it can provide, and 5. developing teacher networks.  

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