PRIDE Ecological Succession

This trail is ~ 1 mile in length; its signs are red. The PRIDE Trail has one relatively steep hill to climb, but this is not too steep. The trail takes you through mature woodland, logged forest, tall grass prairie, wetland and an old field. You can learn about each of these habitats by reading the large signs that occur along the trail. Click on the trail name to take a virtual hike.

Little Angel Spring

This trail is ~ 1.4 miles in length; its signs are green. It leads through a mature beech maple wood where you can see some of the largest trees at Clay Hill. This wood was once dominated by American chestnut, but the only evidence of this is a few stumps and downed trees. Nearly all of the chestnuts were killed by chestnut blight in the early 1900's. Little Angel Spring Trail is our easiest hiking trail. It was named after Joan White Howell. She and her grandfather came to the spring often to collect water. To get to the spring you have to descend about 100 feet along a trail that has steps and a handrail. At the spring there is a small observation deck, a marble statue of an angel and a plaque memorializing Joan. The spring is home to a unique group of insects, some of which occur no where else in Kentucky. This spring contains some of the highest quality water in the Upper Green River.


Trout Lily

This trail is ~ 1.5 miles in length; its signs are orange. It descends approximately 150 feet into the valleys of Sanders and White Creeks. In the spring, this valley is covered with trout lilies and other wildflowers.

Ted White

This trail is over 2 miles in length; its signs are blue. The trail has several steep hills to ascend, so it may not be suitable for younger children. It passes through some of the most isolated parts of Clay Hill where it is not uncommon to see large animals such as whitetail deer, turkey and coyote. The Ted White Trail is named after Edwin Lee White, Jr. one of the donors of Clay Hill Memorial Forest.

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Trail Rules.

  • For your safety and for the health of the forest, please stay on marked trails.
  • Help us keep the forest clean.
  • Trails are for hiking only. No bikes or other wheeled vehicles except wheel chairs. No horses.

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