Day with a Scientist

The “Day with a Scientist” program at Clay Hill Memorial Forest, designed by Dr. Gordon Weddle, director of Clay Hill Memorial Forest and professor in the Campbellsville University Division of Natural Science brings science to life for participating middle and high school students and teachers.  While a majority of field trips are geared toward the primary school years and involves an entire school grade, this program is for a few selected students who have a strong interest in science. 

A grant from Kentucky Utilities allows Clay Hill to bring in professionals working in the field of science and students spend a day with them receiving information about their work and doing hands on activities typical of a day in this scientist’s particular field.  With 305 acres including forested areas, tall grass prairies, a fossil display, wetlands and a historical component including cabin sites dating back to the 1800’s CHMF is a living laboratory.  Workshops thus far have included herpetology, archaeology, dendroarchaeology, prescribed burn, ornithology, and paleontology.  Students are exposed to professionals from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Division of Forestry, Department of Natural Resources, published authors and seasoned naturalists.  Each presenter shares with students the educational requirements to work within their particular field and the journey that led them from a particular interest to where they are now.  

These workshops are meant to be a potentially formative experience for participating students in their effort to choose a career.  Exposing students to actual field based experiences with professionals have the potential to broaden horizons as students go on to college and science based professions.  Participating teachers have commented that these workshops encourage an appreciation of nature, both aesthetic and historical and also provide a springboard for further research outside the classroom.   
If you are interested in our “Day with a Scientist” workshop you may contact Dr. Gordon Weddle at  Put "Day with a Scientist" in the subject header.  Our webpage includes downloadable field trip forms.



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