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The Clay Hill Memorial Forest Advisory Board was established to: (1) assist in the development of a utilization plan for CHMF, (2) review proposals for research at CHMF or for changes in the management of the Forest, and (3) assure that the property is being utilized in accordance with the usage proposal. There are currently 18 members on the CHMF Board of Advisors. Members are appointed or reappointed on an annual basis .


Dr. Gordon Weddle, chair-- Gordon is a Professor of Biology at Campbellsville University and Director of Clay Hill Memorial Forest.  Gordon received his PhD in Zoology from Southern Illinois University.  He is a past-president of the Kentucky Academy of Science.  

Dr. Glenn McQuaide,  secretary--Glenn is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Campbellsville University.   He earned a master of science in entomology from the University of Wisconsin and his PhD in Science Education from the University of Louisville.

Dr. Richard Kessler-- Richard is an Associate Professor of Biology and Director of Environmental Studies at Campbellsville University . He served formerly as Director of the Green River BioReserve (Nature Conservancy). He received his PhD in Environmental Biology from the University of Louisville.  Richard is conducting research on the birds of CHMF
Mr. Steve Dalton-- Steve is retired from the Kentucky Division of Forestry.  Mr. Dalton has worked in a variety of positions managing Kentucky's forest lands and promoting stewardship of non-industrial, private woodlands. He received his B.S. degree in Forestry from North Carolina State University.  
Dr. Joe Winstead-- Joe is Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Southern Arkansas University.  He previously served as Chair of  Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at Morehead State University and as Professor of Biology at Western Kentucky University.  He has a long record of research in the environmental biology and ecology of forests. Dr. Winstead has served in various professional roles. He is past president of the Association of Southeastern Biologists and Kentucky Academy of Science and past chair of the Southeastern Chapter of the Botanical Society of America.
Mr. Lloyd Curry-- Lloyd is a resident of Green County and serves as a community representative on the Board. He has an interest in natural history and is an avid birder. Lloyd has coordinated the Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count for the upper Green River, Kentucky area for several years.
Mr. Edwin Lee White, Jr. -- Ted is the family representative to the Board. He is a retired Lockheed-Martin engineer. He is a civic leader in his Atlanta, Georgia community, and he is involved with the Urban Resource Partnership Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Mr. Glenn Datillo-- Glenn is a graduate of the University of Kentucky School of Forestry.  He has served for many years as a forester at the Campbellsville Branch of the Kentucky Division of Forestry.  Glen has also been a long-time volunteer in Boy Scouts of America.
Mr. Alan Reed-- Alan completed a MS in Biology at Western Kentucky State University and additional study at Tennessee Technological  University and at the University of Kentucky.  He is a science educator having served as a classroom teacher and principal. Alan is currently the Superindendent of Schools in Adair County, KY.
Dr. Ralph Thompson -- Ralph is a retired Professor of Biology from Berea College (KY). He recieved his PhD from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. He specializes in plant taxonomy and floristics. He currently conducts research and teaches a class at Murray State University (Hancock Biological Station) in the Flora of Western Kentucky. Ralph is leading research on the flora of CHMF.
Dr. Robert Doty---Bob is Professor Emeritus of English Literature at Campbellsville University.  Bob is an avid naturalist, photographer of wildflowers and long-time supporter of Clay Hill Memorial Forest.
Mr. Chris Mason--Chris is a Wildlife Biologist for the Campbellsville office of the Kentucky Division of Fish and Wildlife Resources.  Chris has extensive experience with in the conversion of fescue habitats to warm season grasses.  
Ms Beverly McQueary--Beverly is a fourth grade teacher at Taylor County Elementary School in Campbellsville.  She is a graduate of Campbellsville University.
Ms Lisa Riggs--Lisa is a fourth grade teacher at Campbellsville Independent School System.  She is a graduate of Campbellsville University.
Ms Cheryl May--Cheryl is a middle school science teacher at Marion Middle School in Lebanon, Kentucky.  She is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University.
Ms. Kathy Hodges (ex officio)---Kathy is a Regional Conservationist for the Natural Resource Conservation Service at Campbellsville.  She is particularly involved with wetland conservation issues and was responsible for the reconstruction of the pond at Clay Hill. Kathy is an ex officio member.

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