Clay Hill Memorial Forest Mammals

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Castor canadensis Bison bison Bison bison Lynx rufus
Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat Buck
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Lynx rufus Lynx rufus Lynx rufus  
Fox Squirrel Gray Fox Long-tailed Weasel

Southern Flying


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Sciurus niger Urocyon cinereoargenteus Mustela frenata Glaucomys volans
Least Weasel Mink Norway rat Opossum
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Mustela nivalis Mustela vison Rattus norvegicus Didephis virginianus
Mountain Lion Mountain Lion Mountain Lion Raccoon
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Felix concolor Felix concolor Felix concolor Procyon lotor
Raccoon Red Fox Red Fox Red Fox
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Procyon lotor Vulpes vulpes Vulpes vulpes Vulpes vulpes
Coyote Grey Wolf Red Wolf Red Wolf
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Canis latrans Canis lupus Canis rufus Canis rufus
Shrew Striped Skunk Groundhog Woodland Deermouse
shrew01.gif skunk.gif wdchuck.gif woodrat.gif
Sorex (sp) Mephitis mephitis Marmota monax Peromyscus leucopus
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